Rocketeer Decal

C-47 Skytrain decals Just released
(Apl. 27th, 2015)
We just released oue bran-new decals for C-47 Skytrain in both 1/72nd and 1/144th.
1/72nd decal includes 2 schemes, one is a victory memorial scheme of a Skytrain belongs to 354th FIghter Group, known as “Pioneer Mustang group”(the first USAAF unit to take P-51 Mustang with Packard Merlin engine into combat escorting heavy bombers socored 950 kills during the war. This uncommon scheme carries 950 kill marks. And the other is Air Rescue Service, Hamilton AFB.
In addition for 1/144th, it includes famous “Camel Caravan to Berlin” which flew for famous“Berlin Airlift” in 1948.

C-47 skytrain 1/72
C-47 Skytrain 1/144

Future Release 2014-15
(Oct. 27th, 2014)
Our future releases 2014-15 :

  • 1/144 & 1/72 C-130H JASDF “40th Anniversary”
  • 1/144 & 1/72 C-123 Provider “Jailbird”
  • 1/144 & 1/72 C-121A “Flying Limo”
  • 1/144 & 1/72 C-119 “the Phoenix”
  • 1/72 JASDF F-4EJ “’70s”

*not in order
Each detail and image will be uploaded soon.
Be patient.